Today's poem is "Splitting the Distance, an advanced application of Goldbach's Conjecture:"
from Slow the Appetite Down

Spire Press

Michele Battiste is the author of the chapbook Raising Petra (Pudding House) and the full-length collection Ink for an Odd Cartography (Black Lawrence Press). The 2004 Poetry Fellow at Wichita State University, she is the recipient of a Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prize, a Jerome Foundation Travel and Study Grant, and an AWP Intros Award.

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About Slow the Appetite Down:

"In her third chapbook Michele Battiste presents poems of such a dynamic intelligence that the reader finds herself exhilarated: itís like riding with the top down! The view expands to take in what was never expected: an old woman in a shoe, palendromic numbers, the pain of not quite being Humphrey Bogart. Even a poem about the long lines women endure at intermission. And when did you last read a poem about Kegel exercises? A wry benediction for a child in the womb places the whole world in perspective. Battiste has an exceedingly sharp eye and an even sharper wit. Smart, passionate, and complex, these poems remind us that our lives are far more exciting than we sometimes think."
—Kelly Cherry

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