Today's poem is "Somewhere with Your Name"
from Falling off the Bicycle Forever

Adastra Press

Michael Rattee's poems have appeared in Blue Unicorn, CutThroat, Edison Literary Review, Flare, Heliotrope, Laurel Review, Lucid Stone, Main Street Rag, Pivot, Poem, Poet Lore, Poets On, Rhetoric Review, Santa Clara Review and the anthologies Men Of Our Time (Univ. of Georgia Press, 1992), Proposing On The Brooklyn Bridge (Grayson Books, 2003). Born in Massachusetts and raised in Vermont, he has resided in Arizona with his wife since 1978. He has been employed in factories, as a maintenance worker, then self-employed as a design painter. He now works as a software engineer, developing web applications for use in the electronic management of learning.

Books by Michael Rattee:

Michael Rattee's Website.

About Falling off the Bicycle Forever:

"Michael Rattee’s poems are like that of a body of still water, calm on the surface yet having great depth. Repeated readings always lead to new discoveries."
—David Chorlton

"Through a brilliant understatement that goes beyond the need for punctuation, Michael Rattee's poems search out one vivid mask after another for the questing spirit who lurks behind his splendid talent."
—L.D. Clark

"Rattee knows that life is not devoid of whimsy. Chasing after a bus can seem like a karmic sentence, and a dream can be more real than the daily grind. There’s angst here too, for his personae are on the edge, the existential edge, afraid to be left behind, and aware of the inevitable failure of most of our hopes. This book is an important addition to our nation’s poetry of concern for all life."
—David Ray

".. it's startling how he gets it right in poem after poem. His neighbors are 'standing in their backyards /? holding martinis and garden hoses.' His aunt 'took a job as a widow for the money.' At a family dinner you are 'trying to find your way /? out of a bad contract.' He reminds us again and again of how poetry can illuminate our lives with the suddenness of a flashbulb, and the picture is not always pretty."
—Richard Shelton

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