Today's poem is "Melanoma"
from The Gate of Horn

Triquarterly Books

L. S. Asekoff, former director of the Brooklyn College MFA Program in Poetry, has published two previous poetry collections: Dreams of a Work (Orchises Press, 1994) and North Star (Orchises Press, 1997). His poems have appeared in the New Yorker, the American Poetry Review, Poetry, TriQuarterly, Ninth Letter, and other magazines.

Books by L. S. Asekoff:

Other poems on the web by L. S. Asekoff:
"The Conquerors"
Seven poems
"Dies Irae"

About The Gate of Horn:

"An agitation like that of heat lightning fixes the landscapes of deathand life inlou Asekoff’s incredible new collection. we are in “the black factory where the mad astronomer / practices long division against the night, / brave souvenirs of those who stood in lonely solidarity with the weather / & died in defense of the rain.” it’s thrilling to accompany him “from ridiculous heights of tulip mania / to icy catastrophe of the falls” to“the obscene theater of sleep.” Asekoffis a superb poet at the height of his powers."
—John Ashbery

"There are incredible lunatic leaps here and the shock of the unexpected. And lovely passages and great endings. there is mystery and clarity combined. there is heartbreak, time, death. there is an amazing knowledge of history and its horrors (and joys) and a delightful connection of the personal with the historical (and the cosmic). And a deep and cunning and heartfelt understanding of the shoah—in poem after poem. A major book."
—Gerald Stern

"Whether speaking in his own voice or in that of one of his vital dramatic projections, Asekoff proceeds as any strong poet does, line by surprising line, and in his case, with a special, empathetic intelligence."
—Billy Collins

"Asekoff has perfected a highly original idiom that can bear the weight of historical reflection, but without ever losing touch with an essential, and always unexpected, lyricism. He's a poet of vision but without the hambone delusions of the visionary, a philosophical poet whose writing is free of murk and blur, a viscerally direct poet with a rare gift for abstract statement, and a learned poet whose erudition fosters a passionate engagement with experience."
—Tom Sleigh

"These brilliant new poems by L. S. Asekoff are the never-ending voyage of a bemused and disabused hero searching for his epic. What readers will find in them is hilarious and serious, a performance of seductive swing and clarity, allusive reach, verve, and delicious bite."
—Joshua Weiner

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