Today's poem is "Scrim"
from Self-Portrait with Expletives

Pleiades Press

Kevin Cark is also the author of In the Evening of No Warning. His poetry and criticism appear frequently in such journals as the Georgia Review, Antioch?Review, and Contemporary Literary Criticism. Clark teaches at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and the Rainier Writing Workshop.

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About Self-Portrait with Expletives:

"Moving seamlessly between the sixties-to-mid-seventies and the present, between a sensuously lived life and a deep sense of mortality, Kevin Cark's poems perform the magic his passion dictates and his intelligence won't quite allow: an "open / closure, the kind that improvs its own end- / lessness." Lush with detail, rich with wisdom, filled with unforgettable people and held together with masterful syntax, these poems raise narrative poetry to a breathtaking new level of pleasure."
—Martha Collins

"From these pages flows a warm and breathy voice that sings up the Tuscan countryside but also traffics in the quiddities of hardscrabble Americana: beers drunk, cars wrecked, guns fired, songs sung, lovers kissed and missed. Itís as though thereís nothing this voice can't say; it's personal, provocative, and I want to hear it again and again."
—David Kirby

"These portraits of the self slowly emerging into the complex world of shifting historical times, and the impeccably staged narratives charting the speaker's own passage into adulthood and mature love, become powerful testaments to what personal freedom can truly come to mean. This is the kind of collection of poetry that gives us the courage to face the days to come."
—David St. John

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