Today's poem is "Seconds Before the Floorboards Fail"
from Objects for a Fog Death

Black Ocean

Julie Doxsee holds a PhD in English and Creative Writing from the University of Denver. She currently lives in Istanbul on the European shores of the Bosphorus. She teaches creative writing, academic writing, and literature courses at Koc University, a private university near the Black Sea.

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About Objects for a Fog Death:

"Doxsee delivers coherence applied through language handled with subtle, deliberate emotion-fueled sense. ‘Set your / cloud to the kind of clock / vultures circle,’ and take in this book’s direct address to poetry’s paradoxical glance toward the axis on which mortality rests. This is a disturbing book, as it ought to be. Our situation is, we are, disturbing."
—Dara Weir

"What joy to find concision and fleet imagination conspiring so closely in this book. Doxsee constructs lyric ladders—structures made of twig, wing, fog, and magnet—that pull us up into the 'cartoon-ripe’ ether of her fancy and keen perception. When Doxsee writes, ‘Of the / sorts of vine, I prefer, divine,’ the reader can only agree, lingering in the garland of these pages."
—Elizabeth Robinson

"Julie Doxsee has already produced a remarkable body of work. Her second book, Objects for a Fog Death, announces itself as a new dimension; a larger, more vulnerable, and more ambitious engagement with mind and matter. Just as the boundaries of fog are ever shifting, so are these brilliant poems, which redefine themselves and the genre with every page. These are poems which cause lemons to fly out of trucks and leave watermarks on the sky—I believe that."
—Bin Ramke

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