Today's poem is "Echoing Canto of Fixedness"
from Divine Comedy

W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

John Kinsella has authored more than twenty' poetry collections. He is the recipient of the Christopher Brennan Award for 2007, an honor bestowed upon an "Australian poet who has written work of sustained quality and distinction." He moves between Australia, Britain, and the United States.

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John Kinsella's Home Page.

John Kinsella according to Wikipedia.

About Divine Comedy:

"An impressive, even magnificent work of late youth."
Cortland Review

"A grand gesture.... It is a book about the struggle to keep a tenable foothold in a landscape that is continuously being compromised, both physically and spiritually.... A major work by one of our most politically engaged poets."
Kenyon Review

"Kinsella's book emerges as the embodiment of a struggle to exist on a day-to-day basis, nestled in purgatory along with hell, our minds fixed on paradise.... Entrenched in land, it wavers between skies and depths; while not an ascent, it is certainly not still. It is more of a fraught trembling: a poets response to string theory."
Gently Read Literature

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