Today's poem is "For a Friend, Who Fell Asleep While Smoking"
from At Any Moment

The Backwaters Press

Jean LeBlanc was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, and now lives in rural Sussex County, New Jersey. In third grade, she wrote her first poem, an ode to a mushroom; she hasn't stopped writing or reading since, despite a brief foray into the field of biology in college. Her work has appeared in numerous journals, including the Lullwater Review, Journal of New Jersey Poets, Modern English Tanka, Modern Haiku, Community College Moment, and the Kerf. Her poems are also included in The Muse Strikes Back (Story Line Press, 1997) and in The Final Lilt of Songs (South Mountain-Watchung Poets, Inc., 2008). She is the editor of the anthology Voices from Here (Paulinskill Poetry Project, 2009).

Books by Jean LeBlanc:

Jean LeBlanc's Website.

About At Any Moment:

"LeBlancís poems exquisitely render several worlds: images of a New England childhood replete with their reticent delight and sorrow; the hidden landscape of a teacherís connection with her students, and the chaos of the garden gone wild. At Any Moment leads us to anticipate and to discover the joy slipped through our fingers, and we are never disappointed. The deft lines and language craft a place in which we somehow find those worlds of our own."
—Priscilla Orr

"To read Jean LeBlancís At Any Moment is to fall in love with poetry all over again. If I thought I could get by with it, Iíd steal a dozen of these poems and call them my own. Reader, trust meó'Whatís here will be exactly what you need.'"
—David Huddle

"How does Jean LeBlanc make her poems so comfortably alive? Her candor, yes. Images already there. Full of surprise, but amiably free of shock. She is one of us, being singular. Such a pleasure, then, to enter and re-enter her world, poem after poem, and to share in the canny play of her language, to follow the casual gambits of her agile mind as she turns the commonplace on its ear. On her ear. I laughed out loud. Iím so pleased. I ache with the unexpected familiarity of her feelings. Her fancies. I find I am thinking of her as Jeannie. Look out! Look out! Itís like falling in love again. Iím going to read At Any Moment, one poem a day, to my wife."
—Edward Lueders

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