Today's poem is "End of Myth"
from Words We Might One Day Say

Washington Writers' Publishing House

Holly Karapetkova’s poetry, prose, and translations from the Bulgarian have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, including Crab Orchard Review, New Madrid, Mid-American Review, River Styx, 150 Contemporary Sonnets, and the International Poetry Anthology (Slovenia). She is the author of over twenty books and graphic stories for children and young adults, including Goodbye Friends! and Knock! Knock! She also serves as artist in residence and literary advisor for the Rhodope International Theatre Laboratory in Smolyan, Bulgaria, where she teaches, writes, and performs poetry for the stage. She holds a Ph.D. from the University of Cincinnati and an M.F.A. from Georgia State University. She is an Assistant Professor of English at Marymount University and lives in Arlington, Virginia.

Books by Holly Karapetkova:

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Holly Karapetkova's Website.

About Words We Might One Day Say:

"When I read the first poem in Words We Might One Day Say, I thought Holly Karapetkova was related to Gabriel Marquez. A surprise seems to appear in many of her poems. Some come close to being magical. I like how this woman writes about childhood. I want to grow old with this book. Words We Might One Day Say is a collection to cherish, and share with others."
—E. Ethelbert Miller

"What is there to get in the library world but a blessing in what you read or what you write. How else can we explain the pleasure in finding a sensibility that suddenly uncovers a new piece of the world, or lights a new edge of the mind. This is how I felt in reading Holly Karapetkova’s Words We Might One Day Say. She reminds me why we bother writing at all. You will want to say “Thank you” for this poetry that says Look what you haven’t seen before. Look what you didn’t know you felt. What could this be but a blessing, a gift: Words that finish your own life."
—Grace Cavalieri

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