Today's poem is "[A cave of. Crumbling]"
from Something in the Potato Room

Kore Press

Heather Cousins is the winner of the 2009 Kore Press First Book Award. She received a a BA in Anthropology from Bryn Mawr College in 2001, an MA in The Writing Seminars at Johns Hopkins University in 2002, and a PhD in Creative Writing, in Spring 2009 from the University of Georgia. She was a Finalist for The Yalobusha Review Yellowwood Poetry Prize in 2009.

Books by Heather Cousins:

Heather Cousins's Website.

About Something in the Potato Room:

"Sparse and stunning, an addictive cinema unwinds with a lyrical and dramatic certainty. I am committed to its sound, its unerring craft and, above all, a story I just canít shake. Iíd like to thank this poet for twisting my perspective and shoving me outside my comfort zone, for showing me how poems can enter the body and take root."
—Patricia Smith

"Heather Cousins' poems open up before your eyes like a reversible metamorphosis; from cocoon to butterfly, and back again. These poems are both fanciful and menacing, a strange pairing of the quotidian with the macabre that reveals where the raw material of poetry is to be found: '. .. a low-ceilinged room, with small/windows: half-ground, half-sky.'"
—Judith Ortiz Cofer

"Under the stairs, part tomb, part womb. More ethnography than tale of love; more explorer's diary. The explorer, a domestic time-traveler, a workaday misfit. The data, precise, but never quantifiable. From the "milky bends" in the laminated library card to the warm burst of a wakening mandible, Heather Cousins's Something in the Potato Room measures twice and cuts quick."
—Danielle Pafunda

"Heather Cousins' book is a pearl of bone. This slender portrait illuminates a small and dusty life through a crack in a floorboard. Cousins' fine shifts of language carve out in precision a woman's desire for change-a desire that results in a most tender and disturbed conflation of death, birth, and abandonment. This book is a rare piece of silverware."
—Kirsten Kaschock

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