Today's poem is "private pantheon"
from darkacre

Coffee House Press

Greg Hewett is the author of The Eros Conspiracy, To Collect the Flesh, and Red Suburb, which was an Indie Bound Poetry Top Ten selection, Publishing Triangle Award winner, and Minnesota Book Award finalist. He has received Fulbright fellowships to Denmark and Norway, and has lived in Japan and France. A former HIV interviewer for the Centers for Disease Control, he is currently Associate Professor of English at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota.

Books by Greg Hewett:

Other poems on the web by Greg Hewett:
"Modern Living"

Greg Hewett's Blog.

About darkacre:

"Greg Hewett's poems create fresh dimensions where language and human experience become one. They further the surprise of poetry by leaving the reader with a sense that the one world of their maker is the multiple world of his beloved audience."
—Ray Gonzalez

"From estate properties to artistic legacies, darkacre interrogates both mortality and immortality: what does it mean to last? Hewett is a master architect of the poetic suite, and his house contains many mansions. This is not so much a collection as it is a showplace: stylistically inventive, provocative, and illuminating."
—D.A. Powell

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