Today's poem is "Witch Dance"
from Witch Dance

Presa Press

Glenna Luschei has been a farmer all her life, first in the corn and bean fields in her native state of Iowa and now as an avocado rancher in Carpinteria, California. She raised her family in Colombia, where her first book, Carta al Norte, was published in a bilingual edition, and in New Mexico where she introduced her magazine, Cafe Solo. Luschei attended the University of Nebraska where she graduated with high distinction, was tapped Phi Beta Kappa, and as an alumnae, was given the Master of Life Award. She gained her PhD from the University of California in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. She has received a Fortner Fellowship and an honorary Doctorate of Letters from St. Andrews Presbyterian College in Laurinburg, North Carolina. After moving to California, Luschei became an officer of COSMEP and later, its first woman president. She was chosen by Galway Kinnell as a winner of the YMCAYWCA Poetry Discovery Award. She has been named a D.H.Lawrence Fellow, a resident of the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, and has received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in literature. Luschei has been named Poet Laureate for the San Luis Obispo Poetry Festival and has recently taught poetry workshops throughout California and at the University of Nebraska's Writers Conference. She has been active in the small press for over forty years as a poet, publisher and philanthropist to American literature.

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March 28, 2005:  "Snowies and Blues," "Brother, Sister," and "Endangered" ""Where there is no accumulation, laced and soft, come flocks..."

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About Witch Dance:

"In Witch Dance, Glenna Luschei marries a light touch to penetrating clarity. Poem after poem is easy to read, easy to love, hard to forget. A highly recommended collection."
—Ronald Koertge

"Her writing celebrates its elements and seasons, the growing thngs and creatures, with sharp, evocative colors and a sinewy verse music alert to the poetic capacities in the sounds of ordinary words such as mica and tarmac, soap and oak."
—Toni Clark

"Glenna Luschei's poems are always lively, brave, sometimes biting as lime juice — written by an enchanting mind."
—Robert Bly

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