Today's poem is "Zero"
from The White Museum

Autumn House Press

George Bilgere's most recent books are The Good Kiss (winner of the University of Akron Poetry Prize) and Haywire, which won the 2006 May Swenson Poetry Award. He has received grants and fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ohio Arts Council, the Society of Midland Authors, the Fulbright Foundation, and the Witter Bynner Foundation. In 2009 he won a Pushcart Prize. Bilgere teaches at John Carroll University in Cleveland, Ohio.

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About The White Museum:

"Once again, George Bilgere has shown that imaginative wonders and deep emotional truths can be achieved with plain, colloquial American speech."
—Billy Collins

"The funny thing about The White Museum is that it keeps on being funny while being perfectly clear-eyed about the 'cargo of unrealistic expectations' we all carry around, perfectly gratified about the odd days 'when you feel like your belfry/ has probably seen its last bat,/ your bonnet its last bee,' and perfectly free to crave 'the smoking hot barista' whose 'pistils and stamens and sweet/ pink petals are on orange alert/ for the punker next to me.' The other thing is that George Bilgere is an absolute whiz at the twists and turns of the glorious American language, the flexible American syntax, as spoken by everybody up and down the great chain of Americanness in our bewitched century. Oh what a pleasure to watch him spin those sentences."
—Alicia Ostriker

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