Today's poem is "Pulling off the Highway on the Way to a Deathbed to Visit a Workhorse at Rest"
from Mayweed

The Word Works

Frannie Lindsay's two previous volumes of poetry are Lamb (Perugia Press, 2006), and Where She Always Was (Utah State University Press, 2004). She is the 2008 winner of the Missouri Review Prize. Her poems are widely published. She has been awarded fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Massachusetts Cultural Council. She lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, with her two retired greyhounds. She is also a classical pianist.

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Books by Frannie Lindsay:

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"Talking To My Father About God"
"The Ewe Lamb"
"Walking an Old Woman into the Sea"

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About Mayweed:

"This is Frannie Lindsay's book of praise, but the praise we find here is no simple matter. This book brims with stern clarities, rich emotional textures, and the beauty that Wallace Stevens said death was, ultimately, the mother of."
—Fred Marchant

"We can't escape heartbreak. So Lindsay persuades us, with gentle wit and startling metaphors, that it's better to grasp that stinging nettle, resolutely and on purpose. Doing so, she arrives at an astonishing place beyond judgment, where 'nothing now/is kind or cruel.' This is grace."
—Patrick Donnelly

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