Today's poem is "May the World to Come Be Neon, Be Water"
from Ideal Cities

Harper Perennial

Erika Meitner 's poems have appeared in The New Republic, The American Poetry Review, The Virginia Quarterly Review, and Tin House. She is an assistant professor of English at Virginia Tech and the author of Inventory at the All-night Drugstore.

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Books by Erika Meitner:

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"Big Box Encounter"
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Erika Meitner's Website.

Erika Meitner According to Wikipedia.

About Ideal Cities:

"These poems are so generous, so bright and sharp, so funny and winning, they feel immense."
—Paul Guest

"Erika Meitner is the new voice of intelligent and emotional poems. Good for poetry. Good for poetry lovers. Good for the rest of us, too."
—Nikki Giovanni

"The poems in Erika Meitner's Ideal Cities are road maps, blueprints, dollhouses, and dioramas.... Her voice is smart, sassy, and savvy. Her ideal poems are built with mortar and quirkily astounding."
—Denise Duhamel

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