Today's poem is "Labor Day Weekend"
from Rest in Black Haw

New Plains Press

Emily Elizabeth Schulten grew up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, where she completed her master's degree in creative writing at Western Kentucky University. She currently lives in Atlanta and is a Ph.D. candidate in poetry at Georgia State University, where she also teaches. Her work has appeared in several publications including The Hallins Critic, Rio Grande Review, The Secret of Salt, and Askew.

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"Hartland Peacocks"

About Rest in Black Haw:

"Emily Schulten's words are chosen with all of the pleasures combined sound and sense provide. Good sound sense, soundly, accurately, sensibly sound, good and clear, passionate and affective. Connections poetry makes within these poems, discoveries of emotional intensity, give us the strong desire to bring into our lives what we're offered by these beautifully realized poems. Rest in Black Haw is all about our hearts in search of their contentments."
—Dara Wier

"This is a book about a woman coming into her own. What I love about Emily Schulten's poems is the obvious tightness and control on every page. Whether she is writing about some lost and in-love fellow, trapped in the wrong end of a relationship like a bug at the bottom of a mayonnaise jar, or about the Ohio Sweet Corn Festival, there is a strange surety and beauty here that jumps right off the page and pulls the reader in."
—Leon Stokesbury

"Rest in Black Haw is a remarkable work — poems that set roots, that wind downward into the earth of a specific place with startling exactitudes — clay thick mud, fever air — poems wrought with great care, full of invisible eyes that open to glimmers of phosphor. This entire book, in its radiance and ashes, is an offering toward the deep."
—Marsha de la O

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