Today's poem is "Be Here First"
from Dogged Hearts

Tupelo Press

Ellen Doré Watson was hailed by Library Journal as one of "24 Poets for the 21st Century." Her previous collections of poems are We Live in Bodies and Ladder Music (Alice James, 2001 and 2002) and This Sharpening (Tupelo, 2006). She has also translated a dozen books, including The Alphabet in the Park by Brazilian poet Adélia Prado as well as contemporary Arabic poetry (co-translated with Saadi Simawe). She is the Poetry and Translation Editor for The Massachusetts Review and the director of The Poetry Center at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.

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August 7, 2006:   "Free Will" " It's there for the taking, like wild blueberries..."
July 29, 2003:  "Slow Leak" "I don't know how to wish you well...."

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Ellen Doré Watson According to Wikipedia.

About Dogged Hearts:

"The poems are wild, delirious—they go every which way—yet the (smart) organizing principle is this mind, ever alert, choosing and sorting, saving and abandoning, given up to passion and knowledge. Dogged Hearts is a powerful and wise book."
—Gerald Stern

"These intensely lyrical, very physical poems batter their way forward, embodiments of the struggle to keep emotionally alive; Dogged Hearts reminds us why the arts are called the humanities: because they remind us how to be human."
—Tony Hoagland

"‘...dear rash world so far / outside my window....’ Well, not that far, in these wily, intricate poems, because so many radiant voices live here—old, young, the living, the dead—plus all gorgeous manner of trees and stones and birds. A kind of glad lush chaos hits again and again in this work."
—Marianne Boruch

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