Today's poem is "2-Step"
from Money for Sunsets

Steel Toe Books

Elizabeth J. Colen lives in the Pacific Northwest. This is her first book.

Books by Elizabeth J. Colen:

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Elizabeth J. Colen's Blog.

About Money for Sunsets:

"To read the poems of Elizabeth Colen is to walk the streets of a familiar town with a knife hidden against your skin, tucked tight in the waistband of your favorite jeans. Danger haunts these poems, from the 'box of hair on a beach' in the very first line. Yet it is a seductive danger, and one fortified with brillant, lucid images. Cinematic and compassionate, sexy and heartbreaking, this is a debut collection that will thrill you with the sound of your own pulse."
—Mary Biddinger

"Here are poems that speak many minds with a single voice. And most striking are those that express the living experience -- more completely than any poems I know -- of the long adolescent years of uncertainty-as-being. Elizabeth Colen's ability to write from, rather than about, those years again and again results in a gift given to the reader, a kindness, even as she explores the at times fraught assumption(s) of sexual identity. As she herself writes, 'Great untapped mercies live within us.'"
—Shane McCrae

"Protean like dreams, jittery montages of the quotidian-turned-nightmare, Elizabeth J. Colen's lyrical prose poems in Money for Sunsets shed a steady gaze on our present moment, and X-ray like, expose the arthritic and bent bones of our future. This is a fierce and fearless book that reaches toward us with a sturdy and knowing sense of compassion, bearing ample evidence of the intelligence and artistry that led the poet to her revealing and mindful vision(s)."
—Khaled Mattawa

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