Today's poem is "The Other Son"
from Out-patients

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Elisabeth Murawski received the 2010 May Swenson Poetry Award for her collection Zorba’s Daughter, which will be published by the Utah State University Press. She is the author of Moon and Mercury and a chapbook, Troubled by an Angel. Her poetry has appeared in The Yale Review, The New Republic, Virginia Quarterly Review, The Ontario Review, The Literary Review, Field, Chelsea, Southern Review, Margie, and others. Her poem “Abu Ghraib Suggests the Isenheim Altarpiece” won the 2006 Ann Stanford Prize. She was awarded a Hawthornden Fellowship in 2008. She resides in Alexandria, VA.

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November 21, 2003:  "Zorba's Daughter" "Night boasted it was eternity...."

Books by Elisabeth Murawski:

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"The Black Madonna"

About Out-patients:

"I would call these dry-eyed, uncompromising poems dark, but they are shot through with light. While never flinching or turning away from the unsightly decrepitude of our mortality, Murawski with her poet’s eye can also transform an aging mother scrubbing a Corningware coffee pot into a sun-flooded masterpiece by Vermeer. Against the frailty of the body, she posits the stubborn strength of the spirit."
—A.E. Stallings

"Elisabeth Murowski’s poems find their way into unexpected, inexplicable rooms where what you thought you knew has left directions for its burial. She is a lyric compressionist of the first order and full of dark surprises."
—Christopher Howell

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