Today's poem is "A Rainy Night in a Crowded City"
from The Sensual World Re-emerges

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Eleanor Lerman is a native New Yorker and unrepentant member of the Woodstock Nation, Lerman has received numerous awards, including a Juniper Prize, a grant from the NY Foundation for the Arts, National Book Award nomination, an NEA grant, and the Lenore Marshall Poetry Award. She is the author of four previous collections of poetry and two collections of short stories.

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About The Sensual World Re-emerges:

"Eleanor Lerman's poems have sociological savvy, philosophical rue, historical recognition, and vernacular resilience. They sing a song that is bravely gloomy, but they sing it with a fierce and earned dignity."
—Tony Hoagland

"Every bit as imaginative, funny, and accessible as Billy Collins . . . but with a sharper edge, an urban knowingness, daring sexiness, and the bemused wisdom of a still-reeling survivor of the rock-'n'-roll life. Lerman is as sly as a pool hustler, mapping complex constellations on the dark felt, setting gleaming images into spinning motion, then sinking each whirling sphere into a corner pocket."
—Donna Seaman

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