Today's poem is "I Don't Remember the Talk of Men"
from Black Life

Wave Books

Dorothea Lasky is the author of two full-length collections of poetry: AWE (Wave Books, 2007) and Black Life (Wave Books, 2010). She is also the author of four chapbooks, Tourmaline (Transmission Press, 2008), The Hatmaker's Wife (2006), Art (H_NGM_N Press, 2005), and Alphabets and Portraits (Anchorite Press, 2004). Born in St. Louis in 1978, she has received degrees from Washington University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Harvard University. She has taught poetry, writing, and visual art at Heath Elementary School, The New England Institute of Art, Fashion Institute of Technology, and Munroe Center for the Arts and has done educational research at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, the Philadelphia Zoo, and Project Zero. Currently, she researches creativity and education at the University of Pennsylvania.

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