Today's poem is "Equinox"
from The Red Tower

NewSouth Books

David Rigsbee is the author of seven full-length collections of poems and has published critical works on Joseph Brodsky and Carolyn Kizer. He is coeditor of Invited Guest: Southern Poetry in the Twentieth Century and has been the recipient of fellowships and prizes from NEA, NEH, and others.

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David Rigsbee According to Wikipedia.

About The Red Tower:

"David Rigsbee speaks 'the language of the knife / sunk in and the cool matter / of heart coaxed out.' He picks up widely scattered pieces for examination: radishes, doves, a bad painting, a lost brother. . . . Brooding over objects 'surrounded by chaos, weeds, / and broken pottery that have given up any sense / of relationship to the world,' he does not promise mending, but persists with voice and eye in the work of connection."
—Sarah Lindsay

"How intricate and almost fragile is the music of these weighty poems. David Rigsbee gives us stunning moments, he draws us under the deep water. 'Equinox a good salt citizen I shiver / at the lightís breaking and turn / to my inward work,' and so we go with him, surprised that such an intelligence, such an ear and eye for the resonant landscape where 'maple ignites Equinox jelly in the frost,' can startle usówe who can no longer be startledówith a tenderness we had nearly forgotten."
—Anne Marie Macari

"From Mink De Ville to Gil Scott Heron, from a brother's suicide to the tragedy of an industrial fire, from the South of the poet's boyhood to the traveler's Italy and the Russia of the imagination and back again, David Rigsbee's poems offer as premise and example a sensibility at once tautly responsible and generous."
—Jordan Smith

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