Today's poem is "The Bee Hummingbird"
from Hour of Unfolding

Briery Creek Press

Candace Pearson grew up in the "other" California country-and now lives in the Los Angeles hills. A nominee, her poems have been published in Ploughshares, Orchard Review, Rattle, Cider Press Review, Cimarron Review, PoemMemoirStory, Natural Bridge, 5AM and other fine journals along with such anthologies as Beyond Forgetting: Poetry and Prose about Alzheimer's Disease. She has worked as a journalist and heads her own award-winning freelance business, The Writers' Project. Her writing appears in the U.S. Library of Congress Permanent Design Collection.

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About Hour of Unfolding:

"This is a book about time in all its thickness, how it can pull us down into the mud of night, then leave us suspended the next day in thin air, tenuous in our listening to the lives around us. These poems ask the tough questions: What makes us turn around and go back into our own lives is there a name for the place between staying and leaving?"
—Jan Beatty

"With the poignant wisdom of John Steinbeck and the narrative power of Larry Levis, Candace Pearson has created a truly striking portrait of life in the American West in the '50s and `60s. Set in Bakersfield, California-in the harsh light of the San Joaquin Valley Candace Pearson's family sagas and coming-of-age tales resonate with the fierce intelligence of a young woman finding her way in a world of small town restraints. Her elegies for her brother and father, as well as her wrenching sequence of poems concerning her mother's decline through and to the end of her life, forge a staggering poetic record of love and passage. Hour of Unfolding is nothing less than a superb debut."
—David St. John

"Candace Pearson is one of those new poets who just keeps on quietly dazzling you, poem by poem. She sets the devastations of family against the complex austerity of a working-class California landscape-and she owns the territory. Darkly glinting, these poems of surviving family love are tough, smart, witty, harrowing. This is a terrific first collection."
—Dorothy Barresi

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