Today's poem is "Monet's Garden"
from As If Free

Talisman House, Publishers

Burt Kimmelman's books of poetry include There Are Words (2007), Somehow (2005), The Pond at Cape May Point (2002), First Life (2000), and Musaics (1992). He is also a well known critic, the author of The "Winter Mind": William Bronk and American Letters (1998) and The Poetics of Authorship in the Later Middle Ages as well as the co-editor of The Facts on File Companion to American Poetry (2007) and the editor of The Facts on File Companion to 20th-Century American Poetry (2005). He is a professor of English and the chair of the Department of Humanities at the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

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February 16, 2008:   "Before Anything Happened the House Had No Skeleton" "the termites had deboned the thing..."

Books by Burt Kimmelman:

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"Blackeyed Susan"
"Edvard Munch's Despair, 1892"
"Back in Brooklyn"
Fifteen poems

Burt Kimmelman According to Wikipedia.

About As If Free:

"Make no mistake about it: Burt Kimmelman appears here — & not for the first time — as a successor to the lineage of William Carlos Williams & George Oppen (to name but two), no less so for being a master of that lineage worn proudly. The sense of number in his writing — particle by particle & breath by breath — & the attention that he gives to other particulars — the littlest words & the small moments through which we live — are of a piece. In this there is nothing minor or modest, although it might appear to be just that, but a strict & powerful accounting, leaving me — for one — filled with admiration & hooked on every word."
—Jerome Rothenberg

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