Today's poem is "The Children's Museum"
from Shoulder Season

Coffee House Press

Ange Mlinko Born in Philadelphia and a longtime New Yorker, Ange Mlinko has worked as a bookseller in Annapolis, a textbook editor in Boston, a librarian in Providence, and a technical writer on Wall Street. A former editor of The Poetry Project Newsletter, she has also taught at Brown, Naropa, and Al-Akhawayn University in Morocco. Mlinko is the author of two previous award-winning collections: Matinées, a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year, and Starred Wire, a National Poetry Series Award winner and James Laughlin Award finalist. She writes a regular column on language for The Nation, and in 2009, she received the Randall Jarrell Award for Criticism from the Poetry Foundation. She currently lives in Beirut.

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About Shoulder Season:

"In Ange Mlinko's Shoulder Season observation and metaphor are always on edge, ready to flip into an unexpected and dissonant key. A pleasant spot is ‘a spa for the mind' or the mind is only ‘a little spa.' We're never quite sure where we are in this poem sequence. Mlinko uses the virtuosic precision of her terminology, paradoxically, to estrange. The poems are at once formally engaged, playful, and disturbing. It's a wild ride and a great read."
—Rae Armantrout

"Half John Ashbery, half Harriet the Spy ... Mlinko is writing down the economically anxious, information-rich, malleable, volatile generation."
The Believer

"[Mlinko's] intoxicating, cerebral poems display a unique sense of humor and mystery."
The New Yorker

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