Today's poem is "At Night My Armless Brother's Heart Sounds Like This: Systole & Diastole"
from The Available World

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Ander Monson is the author of three published books (Neck Deep and Other Predicaments, Other Electricities, Vacationland), and one forthcoming (Vanishing Point, Graywolf, 2010). He is the editor DIAGRAM Magazine and the New Michigan Press. Though he lives in Tucson where he teaches at the University of Arizona, his heart still resides thirty hours northeast by car.

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Books by Ander Monson:

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About The Available World:

"The Available World is strikingly original and often exhilarating. This is a refreshing and knowledgeable voice that drew me into listening carefully. There are only a few books of poems a year that engross you so convincingly."
—Jim Harrison

"'I would like some kind of notification / that I am not alone' writes Ander Monson in poems full of hard-earned music, punctuated with upholstery, gasoline fumes, kitchen cabinets, calculus, emergency rooms, baseball, bathroom floors, and other details of 21st century American life. Monson forces these details into a lyric to make a sermon for our days. Rarely will a reader these days find sermons that are so utterly contemporary and yet so unmistakably a part of a long tradition in the American lyric. There are 'forces at work here that are not apparent on the first viewing' in this book, and there are 'fireworks dismantling the sky.' 'Of all the somnambulists / trolling the floors of the town' of American poetics, Ander Monson is surely a master whose work will be remembered by more than 'a line in the paper' of tomorrow. For his is the poetry of 'necessary glory.'"
—Ilya Kaminsky

"Monson's poems celebrate defiant excess. In this land of scarcity, right living involves using up what you have, where you have it; otherwise someone might wreck, steal, or use it and you might not get any more. . . . [A] carpe diem for obscure, doomed youth."
—Stephen Burt

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