Today's poem is "Rites to Allay the Dead"
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Amit Majmudar is a diagnostic radiologist specializing in nuclear medicine in Columbus, Ohio, where he lives with his wife and twin sons. His poetry has appeared in Poetry, First Things, and TriQuarterly, among other publications. His poem "A Pedestrian" was read on WNYC as part of National Poetry Month, and "By Accident" was selected for The Best American Poetry 2007.

Books by Amit Majmudar :

Other poems on the web by Amit Majmudar :
Two poems
"James Bond Suite"
"The Exiles"
"A Warning Sign"
"To Sibyl"

Amit Majmudar According to Wikipedia.

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"If the breadth of Majmudar's ambition surprises, it says more about our poetic climate than about a rising young poet like Majmudar, who should be brimming with ambition. Art, as Frost reminds us, is a performance. What is the poetic line except a tightrope? We want to watch someone walk it over the abyss, all the while juggling plates and making us smile."
—A. E. Stallings

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