Today's poem is "lone wolf"
from Lovely, Raspberry

Persea Books

Aaron Belz is also the author of The Bird Hoverer. He is an English professor at Providence Christian College in Ontario, California.

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Aaron Belz's Website.

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About Lovely, Raspberry:

"Aaron Belz's poetry reminds us that poetry should be bright, friendly, surprising, and totally committed to everything but itself. Reading him is like dreaming of a summer vacation and then taking it."
—John Ashbery

"Belz is one of the brave few whose ears are attuned to the comic amid the contemporary. He writes in the tradition of Richard Brautigan, never afraid to let the awkward intensity of address and visual snap of juxtapostion hijack the poem's more solemn duties. Reading Belz is like watching an intimate comic performance; it's stand-up poetry meant for you alone."
—Chris Martin

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