Today's poem is "Canterbury Tale"
from Everywhere at Once

The University of Akron Press

William Greenway, a native of Georgia with a B.A. from Georgia State University and a Ph.D. from Tulane University, is a professor of English at Youngstown State University. This is his seventh book.

Books by William Greenway:

About Everywhere at Once:

In the title poem that opens William Greenway's new collection, Everywhere at Once, he finds himself rattling around in 'the psychic pinball/of karma.' And by the end of the book, we know just what he means. The poems bounce all over the place, emotionally and geoographically, as comedy gives way to disaster and Wales is supplanted by Youngstown, Ohio. Whatever the circumstance, Greenway remains a friendly and resourceful companion in this sometimes unsettling journey. He can make jokes as dry as the martinis that lubricate his lines, or remind us of the consolation of 'the lowly embraceable body' after his wife's stroke and recovery.... We smile, we grieve, and we keep reading these surehanded and good hearted poems."
—Elton Glaser

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