Today's poem is "I Trade My Family for Junk"
from The Burden of Speech

C&R Press

Travis Wayne Denton is the Associate Director of Poetry @ TECH. The pushcart prize nominated poet is also editor of the literary arts publication Terminus Magazine, as well as a contributing editor for The Chattahoochee Review. His poems have appeared in numerous magazines and journals.

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About The Burden of Speech:

"Travis Denton's The Burden of Speech is an astonishing debut collection by a poet both accessible and original, funny and dead serious. It's very hard to make poetry seem like a man talking intensely to you across a table. Denton can do this and much, much more. Take this book everywhere with you!"
—Thomas Lux

"In the world described here, each of us is at least two people, like the man who's pretty sure he murdered someone, only he can't remember who. Smart, rueful, and lashed together with a wit that cuts like piano wire, these poems say that speech is a burden, sure, but that's only because there's so much to say. We're lucky to have Travis Wayne Denton do the talking for us."
—David Kirby

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