Today's poem is "The Child and the Parent"

from Iron Horse Literary Review

Ted Kooser was appointed Poetry Laureate Consultant in Poetry to the Library of Congress and served two one-year terms, during which he founded a nationally distributed newspaper column, American Life in Poetry. In 2005, he was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for his collection, Delights & Shadows (Copper Canyon).

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March 21, 2005:  "First Snow," "Spring Plowing," and "Porch Swing in September" ""The old black dog comes in one evening..."
January 31, 2005:  "Heat Lightning" "At the horizon, July in heavy boots..."
December 15, 2004:  "Nestling Robins" "In the crabapple tree by the side porch..."
May 25, 2004:  "Student" "The green shell of his backpack makes him lean..."
May 10, 2004:  "Walking on Tiptoe" "Long ago we quit lifting our heels..."
April 20, 2003:  "While my bowl is still half full..." with Jim Harrison "you can eat out of it too..."
July 29, 2002:  "Coyotes" "My pup steps to the edge / of the light..."

Books by Ted Kooser:

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Five poems
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Five poems

Ted Kooser's Website.

Ted Kooser according to Wikipedia.

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