Today's poem is "The Bull"
from The Wind-Up Gods

Black Lawrence Press

Stefi Weisburd studied physics at the University of California at Berkeley and Stanford University. She's been an analyst for Congress and an editor at Science News magazine. Winner of the "Discovery" / The Nation prize in 2002, her poems have appeared in many journals, including Poetry, The Paris Review, The American Poetry Review, and Tin House. She is also the author of Barefoot, a poetry collection for children (Wordsong, Spring 2008). Weisburd lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Books by Stefi Weisburd:

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"Five Kinds of Weather Roll Across Texas"

About The Wind-Up Gods:

"Imagine Scheherazade weaving a thousand nights, Orpheus transplanted to the southwest plucking his lyre while riding a twister, the 'sullen art' side of Dylan Thomas, and a scientific historian who tackles the mysteries of laundry and human weather with the same keen eye as she takes on the universe—all rolled into a 4-alarm wordsmith as innovative as Edison, and so graceful, funny and serious in the same sentence that her first collection—'a basic-building-block-of-the-universe gig'—reads like Beethoven's Ninth. Reader, The Wind-Up Gods is poetry for those who want their language worked, like Rodin worked clay, and molded into something heartfelt, moving, and whip-smart."
—Roger Weingarten

"Welcome to the world of The Wind-Up Gods, where Newtonian Girl struggles to maintain a few clockwork certainties in the face of quantum anarchy, and Stefi Weisburd finds post-Heisenberg salvation through irony, imagination, and the vivid language of these wild, brainy, and visceral poems."
—Charles Harper Webb

"What a striking pantheon the deities of Stefi Weisburd's The Wind-Up Gods make. It is that rare book unafraid of ambition and ideas, of scope, while never sacrificing emotion, never receding into dead rhetoric. 'God what cold star are you' asks one poem and smartly never answers as Newtonian Girls and little gods float about in strange physics and kleptopoets steal words like candy. This book, this poet, will steal you too."
—Paul Guest

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