Today's poem is "13 Arkansas"

from New South

Stacy Kidd is Poetry Editor for Quarterly West and a Teaching Fellow in the PhD Creative Writing Program at the University of Utah. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Bellevue Literary Review, The Journal, No Tell Motel, Washington Square and WITNESS, among others.

Other poems by Stacy Kidd in Verse Daily:
July 8, 2009:   "Of course, I told the women," "the river was changeless and could not be wounded..."
January 29, 2009:   "The Park in Winter " "Poor little pigeon parked on a park bench..."

Other poems on the web by Stacy Kidd:
Four poems
Four poems
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"(Because) The Jesus Tree (Is Not a Tree, But a Switch to Hold Up the Moon)"
"Meditation on Water"
"The Women of Kingfisher"
"Gross Return"

About New South:

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New South * Campus Box 1894 * Georgia State University * MSC 8R0322 Unit 8 * Atlanta, Georgia 30303-3083 Poetry Editor: Austin Segrest
Other poems by New South in Verse Daily:
February 19, 2009:   "The Battle-Axe" by Melissa Range

February 18, 2009:   "The Natural World" by Peter B. Hyland

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