Today's poem is "The Underworld"
from Sharp Stars

BOA Editions Ltd.

Sharon Bryan is the author of three previous collections of poetry: Salt Air and Objects of Affection from Wesleyan University Press, and Flying Blind from Sarabande Books. She is also the editor of Where We Stand: Women Poets on Literary Tradition, published by Norton, and co-editor (with William Olsen) of Planet on the Table: Poets on the Reading Life, published by Sarabande. She received a BA in Philosophy, an MA in Physical Anthropology, and an MFA in Poetry. Her awards include two NEA Fellowships in Poetry, an Artist Trust grant from the Washington State Arts Council, and numerous other prizes and awards. She was poet-in-residence at The Frost Place in Franconia, New Hampshire, and a senior fellow at the Provincetown Artist Colony. Her poems have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. She has taught as a visiting poet at numerous universities, most recently the University of Connecticut.

Books by Sharon Bryan:

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About Sharp Stars:

"Sharon Bryan is a poet who contemplates radical questions and situations Her beautiful astonishment vis-a-vis the universe knows no limits Her poems dance this amazement."
—Adam Zagajewski

" Sharp Stars goes to the heart of the mystery of form: How can something as elegant as this book be so powerfully and flexible be so confident and strong? How can somethingso threaded with grief be so joyous in its effects? Sharon Byron's poems limn their forms brilliantly, in 'thanks and farewell'."
—Steven Tapscott

"It all began with music, it begins, and music fills this book from Bryan's own lyric gifts (that lovely central pairing in the words made a little / sizzle in my brain!) to the music of Mingus, Buddy Holly, and an aphasic woman. But this is a book of ideas too ('midnight / cast a glow subtler, more / nuanced than anything else'), and the stardust of both Tin Pan Alley and 21st-century astronomy inform the poetry Its our good luck that Sharon Bryan has the words to take 'a long, sweet look at the wordless world'—and in a universe where 'the stars / are winking out' can teach us how 'to hold on to what we have.'"
—Albert Goldbarth

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