Today's poem is "Bookends"

from Alehouse

Sandra Kohler’s poems have appeared in Natural Bridge and The Missouri Review. Her second book, The Ceremonies of Longing, won the 2002 AWP Poerty Award.

Other poems by Sandra Kohler in Verse Daily:
May 21, 2008:   "What is Coming" "What is is coming. Light behind light, presence..."
May 29, 2005:  "Rhapsody" ""Sunday morning on the porch. Thick moist summer...."
January 11, 2004:  "Litany" "Rain this morning is the glazed blue..."
November 3, 2003:  "After Arcadia" "On the cusp of the nineteenth century, romantic..."
August 24, 2002:  "The New Years" "Mottled March. The sky patched...."

Books by Sandra Kohler:

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Six poems

About Alehouse:
Poets in this issue: Opal Palmer Adisa, Robert Allen, Jr, JP Anderson, Paula Brancato, Earl S Braggs, Kevin Cantwell, Billy Collins, Erica Dawson, Cornelius Eady, Cheri Paris Edwards, Anna Evans, Ted Gilley, Elton Glaser, Midge Goldberg, Michael S Harper, Nellie Hill, Jackelyn Hoy, Anna James, Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Allison Joseph, Laurie Junkins, Heather Kamins, William Keener, Alan King, Willie James King, Sandra Kohler, Ellen LaFlèche, Kathleen Latham, Chloë Joan López, devorah major, Eileen Malone, Joy Maulitz, Julianna McCarthy, Kevin McKelvey, Amy Miller, Kitty Nard, Kathe L Palka, Ron Pearson, Iain Haley Pollock, JoAnne Preiser, Sandra Kohler, Ed Sams, Evie Shockley, giovanni singleton, Mbembe Milton Smith, Bianca Spriggs, Jeanine Stevens, Janine Surmick, Joyce Sutphen, Truth Thomas, Tana Jean Welch

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February 10, 2009:   "Night's Song" by Inès Pujos
January 11, 2008:   "Elephant" by Kate Evans
March 4, 2007:   "Xochi's Tale" by Maxine Kumin
March 3, 2007:   "China" by Billy Collins
February 28, 2007:   "Ode to a Heart Loser" by Stephen Dunn

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