Today's poem is "The Bird of God"
from The Mansion of Happiness

The University of Georgia Press

Robin Ekiss has received a Stegner Fellowship from Stanford and a Rona Jaffe Foundation Award for Emerging Women Writers. Her poems have appeared widely, in the Atlantic Monthly, Poetry, American Poetry Review, Ploughshares, New England Review, and elsewhere. She lives in San Francisco, California.

Books by Robin Ekiss:

Other poems on the web by Robin Ekiss:
Two poems
Two poems
"The Man at the End of My Name"
"What Makes Men Great"
"The Nilometer"

Robin Ekiss's Website.

About The Mansion of Happiness:

"Robin Ekiss's haunting first book is replete with miniatures, with dolls and toys, with magic acts and mysterious maternal passageways. She treads the impassable route back to childhood ('the past is another country') and finds that 'the pastness of the past/isn't trapped in glass.' It's magical to find a first book that is, as Robert Frost put it, 'play for mortal stakes.'"
—Edward Hirsch

"These darkly beautiful poems are unswerving in their search for a place where the inner and outer world edit one another. Robin Ekiss writes with force and elegance. The content is always there; the craft is never sacrificed. The combination makes this book a superb debut."
—Eavan Boland

"Charmed by the curious, the miniature, and the grotesque, Robin Ekiss understands where such fascinations lead. 'In the nautilus,' she writes, 'each turn of light/ leads into darkness . . .' And into the dire complexities of feeling, recorded here with subtle formal intelligence and a deft control of tone that leads this poet's readers to remember that even dark enchantments are enchantments still."
—Mark Doty

"The Mansion of Happiness is a wondrous, instructive, and everywhere graceful book and marks the arrival of a confident and haunting new voice."
—Carl Phillips

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