Today's poem is "Then"
from Then, Something

Tupelo Press

Patricia Fargnoli a retired psychotherapist, is author of Necessary Light, selected by Mary Oliver for the May Swenson Poetry Prize (Utah State University Press, 1999). From 2006–2008, she served as Poet Laureate of New Hampshire. She was recipient of The Jane Kenyon Award for Outstanding Book of Poetry for her poignant collection Duties of the Spirit (Tupelo Press, 2005).

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Books by Patricia Fargnoli:

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"Hallelujah Singers at the First Congregational"
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"There is a radiance in each of us—could we but see it."
Two poems

Patricia Fargnoli's Website.

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Patricia Fargnoli according to Wikipedia.

About Then, Something:

"Patricia Fargnoli’s poems are vividly and gratefully aware of the comforts and assurances of the natural world; she does not miss a stitch of beauty, neither does she avoid the darker aspects of . . . human awareness of our continual aging, to which she gives sharp and poignant attention. I have been her champion since her first book Necessary Light was published, and I continue to be so."
—Mary Oliver

"I love the experience of reading a sister or brother poet and being struck by some beauty or truth, or both, and leaning forward and asking myself, How did she or he do that? This is the experience Then, Something gives me, poem after poem. Fargnoli’s ability to see and connect with the world around her, in its motions and stillness, its darkness and brightness, is uncanny. These haunting poems give comfort even when they probe the inevitabilities of suffering, aging, death. Perhaps it is because Fargnoli loves life, no matter what. Perhaps it is because the poems are simply beautiful."
—Alicia Ostriker

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