Today's poem is "Sasquatch"

from Burnside Review

Norman Dubie's most recent collection of poems is The Insomniac Liar, published by Copper Canyon Press.

Other poems by Norman Dubie in Verse Daily:
May 23, 2008:   "Sky Harbor" "The flock of pigeons rises over the roof..."
October 27, 2004:  "Riddle" "The snow lifts into the beards of sycamores...."

Books by Norman Dubie:

Other poems on the web by Norman Dubie:
Twenty-two poems
Three poems
Five poems
"Of Politics & Art"
"In the Beginning There Was the End of Solitude, Beginning Again:"
Two poems
"February: The Boy Breughel"
"At Corfu"

Norman Dubie according to Wikipedia.

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Other poems by Burnside Review in Verse Daily:
August 7, 2008:   "India Rubber Man's Credo" by Tony Barnstone

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