Today's poem is "And the Cantilevered Inference Shall Hold the Day"
from And

The BOA Editions, Ltd.

Michael Blumenthal graduated from Cornell Law School with a J.D. degree in 1974 after studying philosophy and economics at the State U. of New York at Binghamton. Formerly the Director of Creative Writing at Harvard, he is the author of the memoir All My Mothers and Fathers (Harper Collins, 2002), and of the poetry collection Dusty Angel (BOA Editions, 1999). His novel Weinstock Among The Dying, which won Hadassah Magazine's Harold U. Ribelow Prize for the best work of Jewish fiction, has just been re-issued in paperback, and his collection of essays from Central Europe, When History Enters the House, was published in 1998. A frequent translator from German, French and Hungarian, he practices psychotherapy with Anglophone expatriates in Budapest and spends summers at his house in a small village near the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. Blumenthal currently holds the Mina Hohenberg Darden Endowed Chair in Creative Writing at Old Dominion University. He will occupy the Copenhaver Chair at The University of West Virginia Law School for the spring semester 2009.

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"And The Small, Cantilevered Emblems of The Hills May Be in Vain"
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About And:

"Michael Blumenthal's beautiful new book, And, is a full throated, Whitmanian rhapsody for 'the ands and etceteras of the world,' its accidents, its gravities, its moments of grace.... Ambitious, big hearted, funny and poignant, And is a book to celebrate and treasure."
—Alan Shapiro

"Blumenthal the latter-day psalmist encompasses in these brilliant poems both chatter and stillness, pantheism and skepticism, rapture and resignation to the ordinary. He is a wisdom poet, in the fullness of vision and opulent language; and this madly pleasurable collection heals the rift between the ardent and the comic."
—Phillip Lopate

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