Today's poem is "Still as in a Still after Still"

from Poetry London

Mary Jo Bang’s most recent book, Elegy (Graywolf, 2007), won the National Book Critics Circle Award. She lives in St. Louis, Missouri.

All the poems by Mary Jo Bang that have appeared on Verse Daily:
October 3, 2008:   Dante's The Inferno "Canto I" (translation) "Stopped mid-motion in the middle..."
July 18, 2007:   "Goodbye Is Another Word for Not" " Imagine the movie..."
July 7, 2007:   "G Is for Not Just One George" " Gilbert and his brother, plus the monkey..."
June 25, 2007:   "There Is No Pretending" " There is no pretending to know..."
January 1, 2007:   "Where" " In this cicada city, we are dead..."
October 17, 2005:   "The Cruel Wheel Turns Twice" " And tightens until language can't bear this..."
July 4, 2003:  "Gretel" "Mother, I am bare in a mist-mad forest..."

Books by Mary Jo Bang:

Other poems on the web by Mary Jo Bang:
"Q is the Quit"
"So, So It Begins Means It Begins"
Three poems
"Beast Brutality"
Six poems
Three poems
"The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts Toward Infinity"
"Begin Here"
"The Beauties of Nature"
"Ham Paints a Picture to Illustrate an Early Lesson: O Trauma!"
"Mrs. Autumn and Her Two Daughters"
"In the Book of all that's Befallen"

Mary Jo Bang according to Wikipedia.

About Poetry London:

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July 27, 2008:   "Mermaid" by Moniza Alvi
April 11, 2008:   "First Counter-clockwise Canto of the Möbius Strip" by John Kinsella
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July 15, 2007:   "Trial Marriage" by D Nurkse
December 27, 2006:   "Medium as Meteorologist" by Heather McHugh
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