Today's poem is "The Lovers at Eighty"
from Going Wrong

Parallel Press

Marilyn L. Taylor's poems have appeared in Poetry, The American Scholar, Measure, and many other journals and anthologies. Her work has taken first place in competitions sponsored by Dogwood, Passager, The Ledge, GSU Review, and the Atlanta Review. Her second full-length poetry collection, titled Subject to Change (David Robert Books, 2004) was nominated for the Poets Prize in 2004. Taylor taught poetry and poetics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for many years. She is a contributing editor for The Writer magazine, where her articles on poetic craft appear bi-monthly. She served as Poet Laureate of Milwaukee for 2004-05, and was appointed Poet Laureate of Wisconsin in 2009.

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Two poems
"Crickets: a Late Chorale"
"Subject to Change"
"Aunt Eudora’s Harlequin Romance"
"Summer Sapphics"

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