Today's poem is "The Somnabulist"
from Interloper

University of Massachusetts Press

L.S. Klatt teaches in the English Department at Calvin College. His poems have been published in many literary magazines, including the Colorado Review, Boston Review, New Orleans Review, and Verse.

Other poems by L.S. Klatt in Verse Daily:
August 8, 2008:   "Smithereens" "The treetop, at 9.86 meters per second squared..."
November 7, 2003:  "Fetus in Orbit" by "I played with the pre-cows in outer space..."

Books by L.S. Klatt:

Other poems on the web by L.S. Klatt:
Two poem
Two poems

About Interloper:

"There are cows of a higher mathematics in Interloperís pages. Invention, imagination, thinking invited to test what is new, what hasn't been imagined—these are given pride of place in Klattís poems. . . . The book is a field guide for any mind exercising to learn unknown transfers and connecting combinations."
—Dara Wier

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