Today's poem is "Diadem"
from Lip

The Eastern Washington University Press

Kathy Fagan is the author of three previous collections of poetry: The Raft, winner of the National Poetry Series; MOVING & ST RAGE, winner of the 1998 Vasser Miller Prize for Poetry; and The Charm (2002). Her work has appeared in The Paris Review, FIELD, Ploughshares, The Colorado Review, The Laurel Review, and The New Republic, among many other publications, and has been anthologized in collections such as Poet's Choice, The Extraordinary Tide, and Writing Poems. The recipient of fellowships from the Ingram Merrill Foundation, the NEA, and the Ohio Arts Council, Fagan teaches in the MFA program at The Ohio State University, where she also serves as poetry editor for The Journal.

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Books by Kathy Fagan:
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Other poems on the web by Kathy Fagan:
"'There's just one little thing: a ring. I don't mean on the phone.'—Eartha Kitt"
"Saloon Pantoum"
Four poems
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About Lip:

"In addition to being dazzling examples of one woman's art, the poems in Lip, by moving from mythology to hagiology to evolution (and sometimes back), trace the human mind in its efforts to make sense out of the world and to find a place in it; they bring us up to date, so to speak, and if they have lost faith in many things, they have not lost the courage to speak. They will not back down, they hold to that essential thing, and the voice within them becomes a beloved instrument of breath among the shrieks."
—Mary Ruefle

"Lip is truly a standout collection of poems. Fagan uses historical figures, quotations, and events as jumping-off points, but these elements also serve to enlarge our awareness of how history stays with us, how public history enters and persists in the private psyche."
—Nance Van Winckel

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