Today's poem is "Eve, Seducing the Apple"
from Invisible Pictures

Finishing Line Press

Kathleen Winter's poems have appeared . in Tin House, The Cincinnati Review, Parthenon West Review, Slope, Legal Studies Forum and other journals. She received a fellowship from Vermont Studio Center and prizes from the Sebastopol Center for the Arts and the journal So to Speak. She lives with her husband in Sonoma County, California.

Books by Kathleen Winter:

About Invisible Pictures:

"Kathleen Winter's poems work little miracles, making palpable the poetic equivalent of dark matter: the mysterious missing half of the universe that has escaped detection because it cannot be seen, only inferred by its effects. Winter's language is intense, but spare, laser-precise, with playful and surprising turns of phrase, simultaneously abstract and sensual. Each line shimmers at the edge with a luminous and vibrant intelligence, till we can feel the poet's 'words faster than color/working the mind,' drawing us back to discover even more possibilities of meaning. In the timelessness of a moon climbing over battle-scarred earth, the suppressed anger and despair of a child-bride, or the missing history of women in the gallery at the Louvre in the collection's title poem, Invisible Pictures masterfully frames this elusive world, 'burning, beyond seeing,' then gives it back to us, larger and more astonishing than anything we've ever known."
—Terry Ehret

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