Today's poem is "Illustrating"
from Illustrating the Machine That Makes the World

The University of Georgia Press

Joshua Poteatís first book, Ornithologies, won the 2004 Anhinga Poetry Prize, and his chapbook, Meditations, won the Poetry Society of Americaís 2004 National Chapbook Award. He has received awards from American Literary Review, Columbia: A Journal of Literature and the Arts, Nebraska Review, and River City.

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May 8, 2009:   "Department of Telescopes" "It seemed like suffering, or a lesser form of anguish..."

Books by Joshua Poteat:

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"Sonata for an Open Window"

Joshua Poteat's Web site.

About Illustrating the Machine That Makes the World:

"I find Joshua Poteat's poetry as moving as any being written today. His first collection, Ornithologies, was wise and piercing and beautiful, and Illustrating the Machine That Makes the World is every bit its equal. From the illustrations and inquiries of the book's opening pages, haunted by change and loss and the mysterious enterprises of every living creature, to the playful vanishing act of its final section, Poteat pays heed to literature's oldest and greatest calling: to tell the truth about things."
—Kevin Brockmeier

"Joshua Poteatís new collection is a brilliant, unsettling, unclassifiable, and consummately strange sequence. Poteat possesses something of Joseph Cornellís zeal to reconfigure but enshrine the ephemeral, and to make from the odd detritus of the past works that are at once exhilarating and elegiac. When we open Poteatís Cabinet of Wonders, we encounter the work of a true original."
—David Wojahn

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