Today's poem is "Echoing Canto of the Gleaners (Inferno)"

from The Manhattan Review

John Kinsella is a leading poet of Australia. Two of his books, from Norton, are Peripheral Light: New and Selected Poems and Arcadia. His most recent work of poetry is Divine Comedy: Journeys Through a Regional Geography (Norton, September, 2008). He teaches part of the year at Kenyon College, in Ohio.

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March 11, 2008:   "Canto of the Workshop" "As when they discover that the collective..."
January 9, 2008:   "Canto of the Examination (24: Eighth Sphere)" "The huntsman lies low..."

Books by John Kinsella:

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John Kinsella's Home Page.

John Kinsella according to Wikipedia.

About The Manhattan Review:

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