Today's poem is "Whippoorwill"
from Good Lonely Day

Backwaters Press

John Clarke lives in the mountains of southern Pennsylvania. He is Professor Emeritus at Gettysburg College, and for many years he directed its program in the writing of poetry and fiction.

Books by John Clarke:

About Good Lonely Day:

"John Clarke writes beautifully about the natural world, about marshes, orchards, blackbirds, deer, a onefooted pheasant, or the arrival of "first snow / tapping its small canes." His poems, like the country night sky to which he often calls our attention, glitter with fine detail, are compact and tightly tuned with a Zenlike clarity of line. A Good Lonely Day is essentially about watching that leads to seeing, about inner and outer weather. Clarke's poems register both the small and immense changes that seasons, days, and hours bring; they are a source of beauty and wisdom that invite a reader to return."
—Peter Makuck

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