Today's poem is "The Multiple States of Matter"

from Bat City Review

Jenny Browne is the author of three collections of poetry, The Second Reason (University of Tampa, 2007). She has new poems recently published or forthcoming in American Poetry Review, AGNI, The Massachusetts Review, and The Cincinnati Review. A former James Michener Fellow at the University of Texas, she lives in downtown San Antonio and teaches at Trinity University.

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March 15, 2007:   "The Cry Bone's Connected to the Why Bone" "Cold front blasts a train through..."

Books by Jenny Browne:

Other poems on the web by Jenny Browne:
"After a God"
Two poems
"24 Hour Roman Reconstruction Project"
Two poems
"Between You and Me"
"Spring Psalm"
"Epiphany Party"
"Christmas at the Houston House of Pies"
"The Day After Thanksgiving"
"Halloween: Pregnancy Test Negative/Blood Sugar High"
"To the Man Who Stole the Trees..."

Jenny Browne's Website.

About Bat City Review:

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