Today's poem is "Apples Are No Longer American. Nor Traffic."
from Awayward

BOA Editions, Ltd

Jennifer Kronovet is co-founder of CIRCUMFERENCE, the journal of poetry in translation. She received an MFA in Poetry from Washington University and MA in Applied Linguistics from Columbia University Teachers College. Her publications include Colorado Review, Pleiades, and Ploughshares. She has lived in Beijing, Chicago, and St. Louis, and currently in New York City, where she was born and raised.

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About Awayward:

"When I came across Jennifer Kronovet's manuscript I thought of Rilke who says we do not want to live in an interpreted world. Her poetry does not interpret, but touches the right brain, the part of us that can enjoy without necessarily understanding, without, as Keats says, `any irritable reaching after fact and reason.' The kind of poetry that you would not need to paraphrase or defend, but that will change you."
—Jean Valentine

"These poems charm. Each is a mini-miracle of tight construction. Each is an evocative spell cast by a mischievous magician. These poems reawaken us to the fact that the world is always a lens we look through. And that travel serves to remind us that behind the facade of language, and the comfort of cultural familiarity, forever stand our own slightly estranged selves. These poems send back brilliant bulletins about what is difficult to put into words"
—Mary Jo Bang

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