Today's poem is "Deer Poem"
from Kurosawa's Dog

Oberlin College Press

Dennis Hinrichsen is the author of four previous collections of poetry, The Attraction of Heavenly Bodies, The Rain That Falls This Far, Detail from 'The Garden of Earthly Delights,' and Cage of Water. He lives in Lansing, Michigan.

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Books by Dennis Hinrichsen:

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"Lion and Gin"
Five poems

About Kurosawa's Dog:

"The poems in this collection—born out of father and Iowa and desert, born out of the burning and visionary places--possess a gravitational pull so powerful I can feel the great bards of the language (Dickinson, Stevens, Bishop) craning over my shoulder to read."
—John Rybicki

"For years now, Dennis Hinrichsen has been writing poems of a nervous integrity, in sentences Byzantine or abrupt, enjambed with the glancing, disruptive rhythms of his world. In Hinrichsen's masterful new book, Kurosawa's Dog, the presiding spirit is his father, now ash and memory: 'Grief rolling its head and mumbling the tone poem // of the dead.'"
—Elton Glaser

"Poem as trickster, poem as grief-scape, poem with its fierce noticing—Dennis Hinrichsen has written essential poems from an essential landscape. That is, these poems were born of necessity and crafted by a poet who understands the cunning of a comma, the devastations of the line."
—Mary Ann Samyn

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