Today's poem is "Consequence Yet Hanging in the Stars"

from Dogwood

Deborah Warren's three collections are The Size of Happiness (Waywiser, 2003), which was a runner-up for the 2000 T.S. Eliot Prize; Zero Meridian, which received the 2003 New Criterion Poetry Prize (Ivan R. Dee, 2004; and Dream With Flowers and Bowl of Fruit (University of Evansville Press, 2008), which received the Richard wilbur Award. Her poems have appeared in The New Yorker, The Paris Review, Poetry, and The Yale Review.

Other poems by Deborah Warren in Verse Daily:
June 12, 2004:  "Roof-Walker" "He leans on the sky up there, as if he's painting..."
December 2, 2003:  "Hay Field on Methodist Hill" "From the time we cleared it, all it's been is trouble..."
July 8, 2003:  "Settling" "The warhorse out at grass..."
June 26, 2003:  "Cause Cèlébre" "Something's afoot among the crows today..."

Books by Deborah Warren:

Other poems on the web by Deborah Warren:
"Graveyard at Hurdís Gulch"
Four poems

About Dogwood:

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